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Terms of Service

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All orders will be baked and filled upon order submission. If ordering brownies by the dozen, please specify how you want them packaged (i.e. ordering 4 dozen – do you want them all in one box or in individual boxes?)


It is important to note that while some of the treats may not include nuts, they are all baked in a kitchen with nut products. These products should not be considered to be nut-free for that purpose.


Corporate Discount Policy: The corporate discount applies to all orders within a calendar year and the running balance is based on item sales and do not include costs for sales tax or delivery/shipping.

Corporate discounts will reset on 1/1 of each year.

  • Sales from $500-$2,500: 5%
  • Sales from $2,501-$5,000: 10%
  • Sales above $5,001+: 15%

Return Policy
1. If Bertha Mae’s is at fault for non-delivery, we will replace at our cost.
2. If a bad address is provided by the customer, we will replace at 50% of cost plus shipping.

Any returned check will be charged a $25 fee.