Our Story

Some of my best times are spent at the dining room table with my mom and sister. Late into the night, over some hot tea and brownies, we talk about family and life, our husbands, my children, our dogs or that time I almost set the house on fire (not in the kitchen!). We remember the loved ones here and passed, and recall those special moments that brightened our days and the people who make life worthwhile.

We all have that one person who makes us smile and long for times past. For my mom that person was my great-grandmother, Bertha Mae, for me it’s my mom. Bertha Mae was my mother’s best friend and cheerleader. Like my mom she was funny, warm, affectionate and elegant; a well-mannered trouble maker whose love was unconditional and addiction to chocolate irrepressible.

She was wise, a great listener and cared deeply about others. My mother recalls her waiting up after returning from a date to hear how things went and to offer advice. Though I wasn’t fortunate enough to know her, I adored her daughter, my Nana. It’s through my Nana, my mom and these brownies that I feel connected to our Bertha Mae. After all, isn’t carrying on our family recipes and traditions how we get to know our history?

My great-grandmother’s beautiful soul is what made her one heck of a baker! She loved spending time with family and friends and knew the kitchen is where memories are made. Being of service to others inspired her, and, like a meticulous artisan, she created recipes that left others wanting more.

Bertha Mae’s Brownie Co. was born out of the desire to pass on the spirit of my great-grandmother who’s been celebrating family, friends and first dates since the 1880s.

Wendy Pomerantz, founder